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SIMS4Travel Preloaded SIM Cards

SIMs4travel provide pre-loaded data SIM Cards for global travellers around the world. We list Preloaded SIMs that work in the UK with a pre-set amount of data. You get a reliable SIM that connects to all the UK networks to get the best signal possible. Perfect if you are on a trip or travelling a lot, and cheap enough to use guilt free.

SIms4Travel Multi-network SIMs connect to all 4 Major networks in the UK – so you stand the best chance of being connected wherever you are.

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1 SIMs4Travel 3m prepaid month PAYG SIM with 6gb data

SIMs4Travel 3m prepaid month PAYG SIM with 6gb data

3m prepaid month SIMs4Travel Preloaded SIMO | 6GB data + Zero minutes and texts

Available on Amazon

You can find SIMs4Travel on Amazon, which is ideal if you are in a hurry. Amazon delivers to locations all over the country very quickly, and you can even arrange to collect your order from a temporary location like an Amazon locker or approved pickup location. Perfect if you are on holiday or exploring the country.

5G Ready

SIMs 4 Travel connects to all UK networks using the best available network connection. If your phone supports 5G that includes 5G speeds.

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