About Go SIMO

Go SIMO is a new comparison website that helps you find the very best SIM Only plan for your requirements. Search for SIMO deals by price, data or added features to make an informed decision about which tariff to choose.

Hey GoSIMO, some of the prices on your site are wrong

The prices we list come direct from the mobile networks and their technology partners. Sometimes price changes happen at short notice so there may be slight inconsistencies while our site updates. We update our prices regularly but the odd discrepancy is possible and we are very sorry is that has affected you. 

If in doubt, always use the price on the network or retailers website as the correct price. 

What about the #GoSIMO hashtag?

There is a very talented Romanian Rally driver called Simone Tempestini and his fans often cheer him on by shouting GO SIMO, which has turned into the hashtag #gosimo! 

They obviously aren’t advertising the amazing benefits of SIMO plans in the UK but that’s okay, we love the WRC too! To learn more about Simone check out his Wikipedia entry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simone_Tempestini.

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