Find EE SIM Only Deals from the official network and as many approved resellers as posssible. Three is the largest and most popular network in the UK with a range of plans and prices to suit any type of user.

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1 100GB EE Pay As You Go
2 30GB EE Pay As You Go
3 15GB EE Pay As You Go
4 5GB EE Pay As You Go
5 250MB 12 month EE SIM Only
6 1GB 24 month EE SIM Only
7 250MB 1 month EE SIM Only
8 3GB 12 month EE SIM Only
9 150GB 24 month EE SIM Only
10 1GB 1 month EE SIM Only
11 200GB 24 month EE SIM Only
12 3GB 1 month EE SIM Only
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Does EE support 5G?

Yes, EE is rolling 5G out across the country right now. It isn’t everywhere yet, but they are adding new locations every month, starting with the busiest and most populated areas. You can keep track of their 5G progress here.

Wow, you list a lot of EE SIMO deals...

Yes we do! There is a reason for that. EE work with most of the third party retailers in the industry (except Carphone – see below), and hold them to strict targets that they try very hard to meet. As a result you will see a lot of competition between retailers. Keep an eye out at the end of a month or quarter – the deals will often get very cheap as they slash margins or even make a loss to his their sales targets.

But I can't buy EE from Carphone Warehouse any more?

That’s right. In early 2020 Carphone warehouse went through a lot of changes, including closing down all of their High Street stores. This changed what they could offer to their networks and EE and O2 chose to end their relationship. That means Carphone Warehouse, O2 and e2save no longer sell EE deals.

I love those TV ads with Kevin Bacon...

Doesn’t everyone?

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