Choose the right SIM Only Deal

SIM Only mobile contracts save you a lot of money. This site was built to help you decide if a  SIMO plan is the best decision for your next mobile contract. We compare SIM only deals from more networks than anyone else to give you the most choice and help you find the best deal possible.

Top SIM Only Deals

1 Unlimited 12 month Three SIM Only
2 Unlimited 12 month Three SIM Only
3 Unlimited 12 month Three SIM Only

Is SIM Only right for you?

SIMO deals are right for you if…

  • You are happy with your current phone
  • You are looking for a mid range phone
  • You need to use a specialist MVNO who doesn’t sell  phones
  • You would like to try a new phone that the networks don’t stock yet

Will a new SIM fit in my phone?

It’s an important question – there is no point finding the ideal new contract if it won’t work in your chosen device. The short answer is don’t  worryA lot of mobile phones are supplied unlocked, and if your phone came is part of a contract then the network is obliged to help you unlock it for free or a nominal fee.

Even if your phone is locked it is usually quite easy to unlock it.  For a more detailed explanation check out our unlocking guide.

Keep your phone and pay less for the texts, minutes and data you need. That just about sums up the SIM only proposition for must people, but it is only the start. There are a range of specialist MVNOs who offer unique features or extra flexibility that you just can’t find from a major network.

Mobile phone contracts are often confusing  and come in a range of prices and flavours. The whole point of this site is to save you time and money by collecting all the SIMO deals on the market into one place.

We list SIM Only deals from all four UK networks and a range of large and small MVNOs.

Text to Switch makes choosing a SIM Only deal easy!

In 2020 OFCOM introduced the new Text to Switch service to make it easier to get hold of the PAC code you need to keep your phone number when you switch networks. Simply text PAC to 65075  and follow the simple instructions. It only takes a few minutes and you won’t be hassled or left on hold for hours by your old network.

Mobile Roaming with SIMO

Almost all the networks we list provide free roaming throughout the EU. You can use your minutes, messages, and data without any additional charges.

If you want to use your phone plan further afield in countries outside the EU then Three is probably your best option. Three Advanced Plans let consumers to roam in 71 different countries for free, including popular global destinations like the USA and Australia. 

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