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ChatSIM is a unique global SIM that gives you unlimited access to text messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. For just £19.99 you get 12 months access.

1 ChatSIM 12 month DATA SIM with -0.001gb data

ChatSIM 12 month DATA SIM with -0.001gb data

12 month ChatSIM SIMO | -1MB data + Zero minutes and texts

Tested ourselves!

Yes, we have used ChatSIM on a global holiday and it performed well. We used it in the UK, China and New Zealand on Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger and messages were exchanged promptly, just as expected.

What we liked

Ordering through Amazon and using the SIM in an unlocked phone was super easy.

What we didn't like

We did receive a lot of email messages asking and then ordering us to renew our SIM after it had expired. It was easy to ignore them and didn’t detract from the experience of using the SIM on holiday, but really, we wish they weren’t sent in the first place, and unsubscribing didn’t have any effect.

What you need to watch out for

It isn’t actually possible for any network to limit a ISM to only work with text messaging services. They can however, limit and monitor the data usage. To keep the SIM active make sure your phone isn’t trying to use data for other purposes behind the scenes. This includes receivig photos and videos via whatsapp, voip phone calls, app and OS updates, “find my phone” and diagnostic info.

All modern operating systems allow you to limit this activity – it just takes a few minutes to research which settings to use. If you do inadvertently use too much data and block the SIM it is easy to unblock it via the ChatSIM website.

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