Urozetta Travel SIM Deals

Urozetta Travel SIMs

Urozetta make SIMS that are perfect for your holiday or trip in Europe and beyond. These data SIMs are great to stay touch economically with chat services like Whatsapp or Facebook messenger. 

1 Urozetta 1 month DATA SIM with 3gb data

Urozetta 1 month DATA SIM with 3gb data

1 month Urozetta SIMO | 3GB data + Zero minutes and texts

Good for privacy

You don’t have to register lots of intrusive details with Urozetta so they are naturally good for privacy. Pop it in your phone, set some simple APN details and you are away. These SIMS don’t come with a phone number so by their nature they are more anonymous than normal PAYG solutions.

Find Urozetta SIMs on Amazon

Chances are you’ll be  picking other travel essentials up from Amazon so why not add an Urozetta SIM to your list?

To get started with Urozetta SIM

  1. Pop the correct size SIM out of the packaging and insert it into your phone, tablet or other device. 
  2. Make sure data roaming is turned “ON”
  3. Set the APN information on your device.
  4. Connect to the internet and surf away!
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